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When asked to address the uniqueness of his remarkable technique Dr. Clinch says: “many health care providers do not properly address the biomechanical foundation of our bodies including our spine, legs, feet, shoulders, arms and hands.  For instance our feet are amazing there are approximately 26 bones in the feet, at least 5 named arches, and approximately 33 individual joints with six separate motions to be tested per joint.  That is potentially 198 individual motions that I may evaluate and adjust.  And that is just in your feet!  Biomechanically our feet are like the various parts of the foundation of a building and, must properly support the entire structure.  Just as Symptoms of a faulty foundation of a building many times will present as cracks in the ceiling or wall, abnormal biomechanics in our feet may cause symptoms in the lower extremity, low back, mid back, neck, head or upper extremity.  Proper evaluation adjustment, support, and strengthening of the foot and lower extremity are paramount in maintaining whole body health.”

Dr. Clinch has seen amazing results with remarkable improvement in many of the following conditions:

Low Back Pain
Degenerative Discs
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle Pain
Foot and Toe Pain
Diabetic neuropathy
Neck Pain or Stiffness
Carpal Tunnel
Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain
Nutritional Deficiencies
Balanced and Vertigo
Muscle Spasms and Injuries
Symptoms Associated with Communicable Diseases
Cerebral Palsy
Sports Injuries
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Gouty Arthritis
Migraine Headaches
Neck Related Headaches
Toxic Headaches
Developmental Disorders

We us the HT-9500x  massage chair for its Traction and deep tissue massage technology.  This chair has the classic design and amazing foot massage.

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